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First a Bible references to His Word: and a Visitation

         First, in a previous visitation in the book of Acts, after the ascension, Jesus visited with Paul in this natural earth realm.  The light of God blinded Saul in the natural way when He manifested His visitation form in brilliant light. This light of God had shown directly on Saul. The light shined brighter than the noonday sun.  God then spoke with him. The men with him also heard a voice.  This event happened in the natural way.  In the gospel John, the scripture says, "No man has seen God at any time, yet the Son, has revealed Him fully." 
         Jesus said, "If you have seen me you have seen the Father.''  Jesus is the full express image of the God Head in bodily form, the revelation of God. The word angel means messenger.  Jesus is the preeminent Angel of the Lord meaning (messenger) the Lord God giving the message, Himself.  A Bible reference in the Old Testament is Judges: chapter 6, verses 11 to 16.  Here God Himself is giving us a message directly to Gideon, visiting in an angelic form, in the likeness of a man.  He, Himself is not a created being; He is the Lord Jesus Christ.  The messenger of the covenant of God is the Son of God, the word of God; Himself.  
          The word visitation has in its root meaning that it is not permanent but temporary over a short time. There is a different meaning then (The Second Coming) well within God's word before His grand and a great second coming. This is God working in His word.  For the scriptures state in the book of Revelation: " Not to add nor subtract to the scriptures least you obtain punishment," according to the word of God.  Jesus has limited Himself by His absolute exact word.  God has put His word above Himself.  For with God all things are possible! Do not limit your Creator!  
           Yes, He truly visited me!  I am a living eye-witness to this spectacular event.  God is always working in His word.  Amen.  Also, read Malachi chapter, 3 verse 1 for who is the messenger of the covenant; that is Jesus.  Jesus appeared to His disciples in person after His resurrection as recorded in the Holy Bible.  Also in a court of law this would be considered a good legal precedence.  
            Bible chapters and verses: Matthew chapter 28, verse 9,10, 17; Mark chapter 16, verses 14 - 19, etc. His message is God is still at work, very real, and coming back soon.  These are still the Last Days.  Note: that Jesus is physically and spiritually in Heaven and not on the earth permanently at this time, until His Second Coming, as stated in Matthew chapter 24, verse 23.  Also know God's Spirit is omnipresent; making Jesus omnipresent.  You may read and visualize this very truth of a real visitation by the Lord Jesus Christ, as giving in the true eye-witness account written below!    

*Dear, Readers: Christians and non christians: 

        This is the greatest news and message of the contemporary age, with the gospel; for Jesus is the Gospel and His word.  This is a true story:  At the time of about 28 years ago.  One day, I was fasting, praying, confessing the word of God: and entreating God to heal me.  I had believed this situation might have been a life and death situation.  God knew my situation because he knows all things.   I didn't have a diagnosis on my presumed illness yet that I may or may not have had or did have, but the Lord answered my prayer.  He healed me fully of all that I need to be healed of, both spirit, soul, and body.  Also at one interval in my prayer, I prayed that God would send me another angel. 

         Several months prior, I came to know my guardian angel named Earl, while I was at work doing security work at a construction site in Manhattan.  One of the construction workers came to me and told me that this man says, "He is your guardian angel.''  

           I said, "O.K. if he and you say so."  I did not fully realize that he truly was an angel at that time. He was a black angel or appeared black, at that time when I saw him.  He told me exact things that happen to me in the past.  He told me exactly where I would see him, after I left work one day.  One day I saw him walking about an inch off the ground without striding.  Near to the end of the six months talking with The Angel.  One day, I realized that he had no blood in his body.  He is a spiritual being.  There was no blood in his fingernail tips.  I looked close, and he showed me; I was in awe.  Also, one day on the job, I was saved from an attack with a hammer from a worker supernaturally. It was either an angel or The Holy Ghost.  This event happens because I was preaching the gospel and on the book of revelation at the job site.   Satan opposed it, but God rebuked him. 

           * An even greater event took place the day after, when I was fasting and in prayer.  The next day or the day after that, while riding the E train on a certain stop, I saw an angelic, heavenly body being. I presumed him to be an archangel through His presence.  I knew he was an angelic heavenly body being because He has no blood in His glorified body.  I could tell from His flesh tone, being that He appeared white.   I recognized His facial features to be that of the shroud of Turin burial cloth features.  Then I realized Him to be THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH: manifesting Himself in the angel of the Lord (Himself).  He is "Y'shua Ha'Mashiach," in the Hebrew translation. The anointed one, God. Also pronounced Yeshua or Yahshua.  He is the risen King of Kings.  The Lord God Almighty and the Lamb(Himself).   The one true God, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God and Creator of all.  At that time, His Holy presence enhance itself upon me. I did feel like a  pebble is His presence.

            He has spiritual life in Himself.  I was in awe.  His body stood about 6 feet  as I saw Him seated, or a little less in height.  He had wavy black hair.  He had green eyes.  He was wearing a crimson red, royal velvet gym suit and pure white sneakers with no blemish.  His face was holy and beautiful, omniscience, omnipotent and merciful.  He is God, eternally the SON OF GOD.  He also looked Jewish. 

            He knows all my thoughts without me saying any words.   I repented of what I believe He wanted me to repent about.  I told him I would serve Him.  He was pleased with that.  These words were in my thoughts, and He knew them.  He also looked no older than twenty years old.  When looking upon looking at him, I thought in my mind that he only looks like any other man; then Jesus smiled.  After this, the train left the station, and I pondered. 

        In the same day, I saw the Lord, before I was about to go asleep, I received a vision.  I was situated in a hotel room about 60 stories high.  I was preaching the power of God to two women one black one white.  Then a great whirlwind came in the city (that is New York City).  Then it stopped at a very tall building and laid it down flat.  Then the whirlwind came in my direction. Being a child God having faith and courage it stop.  Then God manifested himself in a whirlwind.  There was an amber as a perfect everlasting flame.  God spoke with the voice of many waters like an ocean, powerful and yet gentle.  Every time God spoke there is a flash of light.  God said, "Ask me of anything and I will give it unto you." I said, "Give me Life."  God de-manifested himself, and the whirlwind was starting to depart.   Then I asked God, "what about Satan.'' God re-manifested himself, and the whirlwind turned back.  God spoke again and said, “Use your head.'' Then God de-manifested himself and the vision departed from me.  Then I felt a presence touch me spiritually, and knew I was healed.  I also knew that truly Jesus Christ the Lord God had visited me in person that day, when I had received the vision.  Amen.

        1 Thessalonians 4 verses 16,17: For the "Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God.  The dead in Christ shall rise first, and then we who is alive will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye and meet the Lord in the clouds and be with Him forever."  Amen.

        I saw Him in the blood of the Lamb, which He shed for me.  He is presently in heaven, in His glorified body.  He may have a visit with you one day also before His Second Coming. One thing is for certain; He is coming back permanently, soon and very soon.  God is a spirit.    Jesus said in the gospel, "You must be born again of the Spirit '' if you want to see the kingdom of God and enter therein.  Also, He said, "to get baptized in water.''

      Accept the Savior in your heart today; don’t wait another moment of the day.  Repent and believe!  Tomorrow is not promise to man or women.  Today is the day of salvation.  Jesus Christ the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.  Also, without faith it is impossible to please God. Given glory to the eternal God the Father, the eternal God, the Son and the eternal God, the Holy Spirit.  All three Beings; three persons, one God, in essence, one in glory, one in unity and one in power.   He will help give the power and ability  to  live life here in God and through God, from God; the only true life.  Jesus the "Word of God."  God is Love!

      About creation: Jesus said in the book of Revelation, that the true witness of creation  believing in that God created  the Heavens and the earth in six days. Also, Jesus backed this up keeping the Sabbath for this reason while He was walking on the earth in His ministry. God dwells in Eternity. It is no big thing for an immense Eternal God who dwells in eternity to put an almost eternal Universe in it with all of its glories components in six days. Just like a completed painting. Just like creating a full grow person like Adam in a few minutes. Note: the creation of the Universe was also the creation of time also as God said in Genesis 1, 1.

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Jesus Christ Visitation: Nature and Bible  Poems

 *Yes: A True Life Visitation Of The Lord Jesus Christ Before His;*
Permanent Second Coming  
                        *He visited*, He is, *Back in Heaven at this time*
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